What are we? Who are we? How can we better ourselves? These are questions that many ask themselves as they travel through the journey known as life. The human race has been searching for how we arrived on to this planet for much of our existence. We have searching for the meaning of life and we are on the never ending quest to find our true identities.

Whether you are someone of color or not your identity is something that is significant. As a woman of color, I grew up in the society that I knew with self hate and lack of self confidence because I felt like I could never fit the standard beauty. Perhaps it was my own ignorance that once kept me from taking pride in my ethnicity, or perhaps at 13 my impressionable teenage mind didn’t understand what it truly meant to be beautiful. Whatever the case may be I realized that my identity went beyond skin deep, but that I needed to be comfortable with in my own skin in order to understand my identity. I needed to learn the proper ways to care for my skin and for my HAIR.

Now many of you may ask why HAIR? What is so important about HAIR!? Hair for at the least the community of women that have kinky, coily, or curly hair has been one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to self love. When it comes to natural hair, many of us have not been educated on the proper hair care techniques. We’ve been told to get relaxers or wear hair extensions because we don’t have “good” hair.

Newsflash…ITS NOT TRUE. We do have good hair, with the right care and attention our hair is beautiful.

My goal is to promote healthy natural hair growth and positive empowerment for women of all cultures/races, as I not only share the stages of my own natural hair journey,  but also of my healthy lifestyle, travels, & op-eds.