When I did the big chop I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t even know or understand what natural hair was or that there was even a movement. All I knew was that my relaxed hair was suffering terribly. I had colored the top portion of my hair, it was dry and breaking. It wasn’t until my husband suggested shaving it all off and starting fresh that I started to consider chopping off my hair.

A few days later I went into the bathroom with a pair of scissors and a buzzer and I went HAM. After lots of chopping and help from my husband with his buzzer, I was suddenly free. I was free of all of the chemically processed hair, my length was gone…I could not believe it. There is something about shaving your head that makes you cry, for years, ever since I was a kid I was told that woman’s hair was her beauty. Had I cheated myself? Had I gotten rid of the one thing that I was holding onto that I thought made me beautiful? I did not embrace this change right away, I bought tons of scarfs and hats I wanted to hide. I felt naked without any hair on my head like the world could see straight into my soul and that maybe I wasn’t beautiful.

As time went on I began to feel more and more beautiful. I remained covered, wearing a hijab because I wanted to share this journey with my husband but then I realized that I needed to let my fro fro the heck out! Every female regardless of race should feel empowered, and when my best friend did the big chop I also wanted to support and stand with her. I want other women with kinky coily curly hair to feel beautiful and not ashamed, hijab or no hijab, hat or no hat, wig or no wig,  we are all beautiful! So now I walk proud unashamed of my hair and ready to embrace my roots as I continue on this natural hair journey.