It’s iconic, it’s part of pop culture, it’s almost like a the lyrics to this song are currently on repeat. But truly what I wonder each day is are we really closer to a society where everyone is treated as an equal? Nope not at all, each day people of different races and different religions are targeted, disrespected, and tossed aside. In my opinion it is not just a black & white thing, its an everybody thing. It’s lack of tolerance, and lack of proper education. We are all ignorant because after all this time the human race still doesn’t know how to get along with their fellow man.

It’s pathetic, that’s honestly the best way to put it. Each day I see people at each other’s throats, blaming everyone but themselves. I have yet to see a real solution to today’s problems. But what I have seen is an increase in violence, whether it’s the cops or the next Joe Blow, violence and fear are what are relevant.

I am afraid of being a woman of color, and I am afraid to practice religion or give myself a label in which in turn I could be placed under some kind of stereotype and mistaken for something that I am not. To think of the of fear I have, after growing up believing that the country that my parents had migrated to was truly the land of the free, it was one of the greatest disappoints when I came realize that we are not truly free. Does it really matter where in the world we live? Is there really a place where peace is not just some idea floating around? The sad reality is that no matter where you go or what you do or what ethnicity you are or what religion you practice, there is no real safe place, there is no where you can be safe to be who you are.

It’s time to stop the pattern. Violence will not change anything. Violence won’t bring back those we have lost, and it certainly won’t help bring this country back together again. Maybe we need a new movement, one that doesn’t encourage violence but one that brings great minds together. For it is better to not to fight with your fists or weapons but to fight with your knowledge. Knowledge is the only true power.