I’ll admit this week has been the ultimate love hate relationship when it comes to my hair. There was a moment when I was just so fed up, I wanted to have long hair again; I felt like my hair looked like a bird’s nest.

Why did I do this to myself? Impatience almost had the best of me. But it was all due to my own ignorance and not knowing how to get my curls to properly retain moisture.

 So my advice to new naturals or those who are having trouble figuring out what the heck to do with their hair is to start with the L.O.C. method before and after protective styling. Leave in conditioner (I use shea moisture leave in conditioner) & water, then oil (coconut oil or avocado oil) your hair to retain moisture, and lastly whatever curl cream moisturizer (I used Cantu Curl Activating Moisturizer)  you use.

The biggest mistake is thinking that oil is a moisturizer. It is a not. It will seal in moisture but it will not keep your hair moisturized. Hope this helps someone..goes to show ignorance is not always bliss.


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