There will be people that that tell you that you can’t do it. There will be people that try to rip apart your character and try to turn you into something that you’re not. We all live in a society where the media is constantly pushing us to be something that we aren’t. Forget the hype and be yourself, start your own trends, and embrace your originality. These words I type are easier said than done. Each day there are challenges but its how you handle these challenging situations that truly make your character.

I wish I could you all that I was born with confidence, and that establishing what I considered to be my self worth was a walk in the park. But I won’t, because I am just like everyone else. Learning, growing, shaping myself into the human being I want to be. What I will tell you is that if you are in the process of reinventing yourself, just going through a lifestyle change, or you have set a goal you are trying to meet; don’t give up and don’t tell yourself that you can’t. I am over the word “can’t”, if it’s in your vocabulary then spit it out and don’t let that word come out about your mouth again. It’s not even a legitimate word its a contraction of the word cannot.

Now is the time to erase the negative mindset. A negative mindset is like a bad relationship. It will bring you down and prevent you from growing. Let’s erase the word can’t and replace it with “Will”, because as long as you have the will to do something then you have drive. Having drive will get you almost anywhere you want to go. Happy Tuesday Everyone! Let’s start today in DRIVE MODE.

Also I would love to know what you do to self motivate. Please feel free to comment and let me know how you get yourself going each day.

-Mahogany Girl Magic