This is literally one of the most disturbing things I have ever read and shame on anyone for condoning it. Does it really matter what a woman is wearing to the beach? Would we shame a female wearing practically underwear at the beach? No, we would not, in-fact our society encourages it. Some claim that France’s new ‘burkini ban’ is to make sure that Muslim women are not hiding explosives. This notion is completely ridiculous. If this is such a concern than EVERYONE entering a beach should be searched prior to entry

For the record to all who may be ignorant when it comes to understanding what it means to be a Muslim, it has nothing to do with violence or explosives. It is a religion that promotes peace from with in themselves and towards others. Peace is something that is promoted on a daily basis in Islam. A true Muslim is not a terrorist.

These women are not brainwashed and they are not oppressed. These are women with their own voices and opinions. Although in some countries women do not have the same rights as they do in others, this is only a cultural bias and not religious law.The world we live in now has created fear among citizens and it has gotten to the point where women are not free to be themselves. Whether a female wears a hijab or not it is her right to decide. Even if she is Muslim, wearing a hijab or a ‘burkini’ is something that she has decided. Being modest should never be a crime.

What do you think?