​Super happy with the blow out I got for the first time at The Dry Bar its been almost a year since I shaved my head and I am very happy with the progress. Before going to the dry bar I originally had an appointment at another salon. I spoke with the employees of the salon both in person and on the phone prior to booking the appointment. They assured me that they could do my hair, I know that natural hair is not something easy for any stylist so I made sure to show them my hair first before scheduling the appointment. When I went at 11am this morning which was my scheduled time the receptionist gave me a strange look and rolled her eyes before asking me what I needed. After telling her that I was in earlier this week and scheduled an appointment, she looked at the stylist next to her and the stylist aburtly shook her head no and told the receptionist she would not touch my hair. The stylist looked at me without a smile and with her arms folded. I was completely embarassed, I had no clue how to react so I smiled politely and told her that it was okay. I was on the verge of tears as I felt the eyes of everyone on me.  Luckily my husband was there and quickly told them that he knew of another place and we left and drove to the Dry Bar Georgetown location, as soon as I entered the salon I was greeted by smiling faces..women of all hair textures were there. I did not feel out of place, also they had a very different atmosphere than most salons I’ve seen. It was relaxed but still playful and Julia Robets Pretty Woman was on, I took that as a sign 😂. The best part is they only do blow outs and thats exactly what I wanted. If you have natural hair I highly recommend going there for your blowouts. They don’t discriminate against the texture of your hair and they also make sure you feel beautiful upon entering and leaving. 

Today was a good day 🙂

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