Life can be challenging. But what we don’t realize is that women are pretty much superheroes. We can do pretty much everything! From organizing and cleaning the house to staying up all night sewing costumes for our children.
Throughout this week I have come to realize that I am a modern day superwoman. I’ve been juggling school, work, blogging, pillow projects for my sister’s baby shower, searching for a new home, cleaning, and packing. It’s insane. I honestly have no idea how I’ve been doing it all.
But it’s because of the MAGIC. It has nothing to do with being black or white, it’s about the magic that is within us all. Women are magical. We get things done, we put in over 40 hours awake taking care of our families and homes. With what little time we have to ourselves, we still find a way to be productive.
There was a moment this week when I was blankly staring into space in awe of all of the work I needed to complete. I had no idea how I was going to handle it all. I wanted to just crawl into my bed and wait for the week to just be over with. But somehow I mustered up the energy to just keep going. Oddly enough I feel like I am dripping with adrenaline now.
It’s all about the mindset. If you believe you can do it then you can. If you have a list of chores that you are feeling overwhelmed about, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Start with one thing at a time. I know that multi-tasking can be tempting but sometimes it slows down productivity and your lack of focus on one thing can completely throw off your overall mission. Remember you can do this no matter how long the do list.
You are freaking magical, embrace it, own it, and always drive yourself to be the best that you can be.

Pretty Woman

​Super happy with the blow out I got for the first time at The Dry Bar its been almost a year since I shaved my head and I am very happy with the progress. Before going to the dry bar I originally had an appointment at another salon. I spoke with the employees of the salon both in person and on the phone prior to booking the appointment. They assured me that they could do my hair, I know that natural hair is not something easy for any stylist so I made sure to show them my hair first before scheduling the appointment. When I went at 11am this morning which was my scheduled time the receptionist gave me a strange look and rolled her eyes before asking me what I needed. After telling her that I was in earlier this week and scheduled an appointment, she looked at the stylist next to her and the stylist aburtly shook her head no and told the receptionist she would not touch my hair. The stylist looked at me without a smile and with her arms folded. I was completely embarassed, I had no clue how to react so I smiled politely and told her that it was okay. I was on the verge of tears as I felt the eyes of everyone on me.  Luckily my husband was there and quickly told them that he knew of another place and we left and drove to the Dry Bar Georgetown location, as soon as I entered the salon I was greeted by smiling faces..women of all hair textures were there. I did not feel out of place, also they had a very different atmosphere than most salons I’ve seen. It was relaxed but still playful and Julia Robets Pretty Woman was on, I took that as a sign 😂. The best part is they only do blow outs and thats exactly what I wanted. If you have natural hair I highly recommend going there for your blowouts. They don’t discriminate against the texture of your hair and they also make sure you feel beautiful upon entering and leaving. 

Today was a good day 🙂

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When Being Modest Becomes a Crime


This is literally one of the most disturbing things I have ever read and shame on anyone for condoning it. Does it really matter what a woman is wearing to the beach? Would we shame a female wearing practically underwear at the beach? No, we would not, in-fact our society encourages it. Some claim that France’s new ‘burkini ban’ is to make sure that Muslim women are not hiding explosives. This notion is completely ridiculous. If this is such a concern than EVERYONE entering a beach should be searched prior to entry

For the record to all who may be ignorant when it comes to understanding what it means to be a Muslim, it has nothing to do with violence or explosives. It is a religion that promotes peace from with in themselves and towards others. Peace is something that is promoted on a daily basis in Islam. A true Muslim is not a terrorist.

These women are not brainwashed and they are not oppressed. These are women with their own voices and opinions. Although in some countries women do not have the same rights as they do in others, this is only a cultural bias and not religious law.The world we live in now has created fear among citizens and it has gotten to the point where women are not free to be themselves. Whether a female wears a hijab or not it is her right to decide. Even if she is Muslim, wearing a hijab or a ‘burkini’ is something that she has decided. Being modest should never be a crime.

What do you think?

There’s no “Can’t” in “Will”

There will be people that that tell you that you can’t do it. There will be people that try to rip apart your character and try to turn you into something that you’re not. We all live in a society where the media is constantly pushing us to be something that we aren’t. Forget the hype and be yourself, start your own trends, and embrace your originality. These words I type are easier said than done. Each day there are challenges but its how you handle these challenging situations that truly make your character.

I wish I could you all that I was born with confidence, and that establishing what I considered to be my self worth was a walk in the park. But I won’t, because I am just like everyone else. Learning, growing, shaping myself into the human being I want to be. What I will tell you is that if you are in the process of reinventing yourself, just going through a lifestyle change, or you have set a goal you are trying to meet; don’t give up and don’t tell yourself that you can’t. I am over the word “can’t”, if it’s in your vocabulary then spit it out and don’t let that word come out about your mouth again. It’s not even a legitimate word its a contraction of the word cannot.

Now is the time to erase the negative mindset. A negative mindset is like a bad relationship. It will bring you down and prevent you from growing. Let’s erase the word can’t and replace it with “Will”, because as long as you have the will to do something then you have drive. Having drive will get you almost anywhere you want to go. Happy Tuesday Everyone! Let’s start today in DRIVE MODE.

Also I would love to know what you do to self motivate. Please feel free to comment and let me know how you get yourself going each day.

-Mahogany Girl Magic



Yesterday was beautiful, however, there was one problem. The sun, it’s what many could call black girl kryptonite. For as long as I can remember my mother scolded me for playing outside in the sun all day and allowing myself to get a tan. Even now as an adult, my mother still insists that I put sunblock on every time I leave the house. Now I know that my mother’s advice is out of love, and that it is important to keep your skin healthy and protected from the sun, but what’s wrong with getting a little tanner?

After stepping out of the shower last night, I was upset, I was clearly a shade darker from being out in the sun all day. The obvious tan lines contrasting against my skin almost outraged me. I had been putting on what I thought was sunblock but ended up being sunscreen all day! I closed my eyes for a second. Was I seriously upset about getting darker? What was wrong with it? Did it change who I was?  For the first time it actually seemed ridiculous. My skin has always naturally tanned easily, I could be out in the sun for 10 minutes and come back inside with a fresh layer of color, it’s like magic.

It was after looking in the mirror yesterday that I finally realized there is nothing wrong with my skin. For years I have fed into the ideology that dark skin is unattractive, and I didn’t want to fall  into the category of something that wasn’t considered beautiful. After years of being scolded each time I got a little darker, I realized I was programmed to automatically fear the sun. But the truth is I absolutely love the sun, so why should I constantly hide from it? The facts are my skin is the way it is to protect itself from the sun, I was made for this kind of weather.

As I continued with my after shower rituals, I reminisced on when my husband first introduced me to my father in law. The first words that my father in law said to my husband privately after meeting me was “So you like the chocolate?”. Now many people would be offended by this, but I wasn’t. I chuckled as I imagined my father in laws reaction to me. Yes I am a black girl and my skin is the color of chocolate I should be honored! With that being said, yesterday I decided that I was over trying to make sure that I didn’t get any darker. Instead I got my phone out and turned up Chocolate by The 1975, which has absolutely nothing to do with race, but everything to do with drugs, addiction, and running away from the police. Strangely enough I compared this song to my skins addiction to the sun, no matter how much a run away, my skin is “never gonna to quit it”.

No matter your color, embrace yourself, and embrace your skin! Your skin is the way it is for a reason. Whether you’re very light or dripping with melanin, care for your skin but don’t let what happens naturally to stop you from loving the skin you are in. Of course you should make sure to protect your skin from the sun, but don’t go overboard. If you are someone that has a high amount of melanin, take it an run with it. Let your skin soak in the sun like it was meant to. Go swimming, go hiking, or whatever outside activity you enjoy  without the fear about getting darker. Embrace your inner and outer Chocolate.

L.O.C. Method Starter Kit


Hello to all of the newly naturals out there! You just did the big chop, and by now you may be wondering how on earth you are suppose to maintain your hair. After I did the big chop, I was bald, literally, completely no hair on my head so it took a few months to actually know the struggles of dealing with my hair. When I finally got a good decent chunk of hair on my head, I could not figure out how to make my hair look presentable. I spent hours admiring pictures of hair on Pinterest & Instagram longing to look as beautiful as the Naturalistas  I saw online.

If you are at this stage now, where it seems like all you can find are these filtered photos of women with perfect curly afros, don’t be discouraged. A majority of these photos are not realistic and I was actually shocked to find that so many naturals were using hair extensions to enhance the body of their hair. In my opinion it completely defeats the purpose of going natural. However, if adding extensions does more for your self confidence or fits the look or protective style you want then go for it. The point is social media is just another outlet that may cause new naturals to feel depressed about their hair.

To avoid some of the unnecessary disappointment, it is important that you learn how to get your hair to properly retain moisture. If you have type 4 hair, like myself, it may seem like a challenge getting your dry coarse hair to corporate. When I first started caring for my natural hair coconut oil was my go to. I basically drowned my hair in coconut coil every time I got the chance, and of course my hair soaked it up like it was a camel in the desert but refused to actually retain or store any of the moisture.

After researching a few protective styles, I was educated on the L.O.C. method. I wish I knew about this method sooner. Since I’ve starting using this with my daily hair routine, my hair has not only been able to retain moisture, but it has also become softer, easier to manage, and easier to style. The L.O.C. method consists of Leave In Conditioner & Water, Oil, and a moisturizing Cream or gel. In order to have the best results you must apply these products to your hair starting with the leave in in conditioner first, Oil second, and lastly the moisturizing hair cream.

The products that I used to create my L.O.C. Method Starter Kit are Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen Grow & Restore Leave In Conditioner, Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil, and Cantu Shea Butter Natural Hair Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream. I also purchased a small spray bottle from the dollar store. Please note that you do not need to thoroughly was your hair every day or even every other day. Initially, every time I showered I washed my hair but I am now I am attempting  to wash once/twice a week. By using the spray bottle, I squirt a little water to hydrate my hair everyday. This helps with retaining moisture but also avoids breakage.

Now that you have the keys to build your own L.O.C. method starter kit, you can begin your healthy natural hair journey with style.

Black Girl Magic Slays Rio


  • I grew up hating myself in the society I live in due to my own ignorance. As a child I didn’t think I could ever be worthy enough because I didn’t look like the women that the media glorified. It is important to remember that the media isn’t always accurate and that pop culture itself has constantly played on the heartstrings and self esteem of women. It’s to the point where it has divided us and we compete for a perfection that is impossible. As women we have always been told that we are limited with what we can and can’t do.

    That being said, I am honored to be alive at a time when we are breaking barriers. Thank you to the Simones for not letting assumptions get in their way. Don’t live up to the stereotypes. Be yourself no matter what society says.
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I Woke Up Like This…

I’ll admit this week has been the ultimate love hate relationship when it comes to my hair. There was a moment when I was just so fed up, I wanted to have long hair again; I felt like my hair looked like a bird’s nest.

Why did I do this to myself? Impatience almost had the best of me. But it was all due to my own ignorance and not knowing how to get my curls to properly retain moisture.

 So my advice to new naturals or those who are having trouble figuring out what the heck to do with their hair is to start with the L.O.C. method before and after protective styling. Leave in conditioner (I use shea moisture leave in conditioner) & water, then oil (coconut oil or avocado oil) your hair to retain moisture, and lastly whatever curl cream moisturizer (I used Cantu Curl Activating Moisturizer)  you use.

The biggest mistake is thinking that oil is a moisturizer. It is a not. It will seal in moisture but it will not keep your hair moisturized. Hope this helps someone..goes to show ignorance is not always bliss.


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Fight the power?

It’s iconic, it’s part of pop culture, it’s almost like a the lyrics to this song are currently on repeat. But truly what I wonder each day is are we really closer to a society where everyone is treated as an equal? Nope not at all, each day people of different races and different religions are targeted, disrespected, and tossed aside. In my opinion it is not just a black & white thing, its an everybody thing. It’s lack of tolerance, and lack of proper education. We are all ignorant because after all this time the human race still doesn’t know how to get along with their fellow man.

It’s pathetic, that’s honestly the best way to put it. Each day I see people at each other’s throats, blaming everyone but themselves. I have yet to see a real solution to today’s problems. But what I have seen is an increase in violence, whether it’s the cops or the next Joe Blow, violence and fear are what are relevant.

I am afraid of being a woman of color, and I am afraid to practice religion or give myself a label in which in turn I could be placed under some kind of stereotype and mistaken for something that I am not. To think of the of fear I have, after growing up believing that the country that my parents had migrated to was truly the land of the free, it was one of the greatest disappoints when I came realize that we are not truly free. Does it really matter where in the world we live? Is there really a place where peace is not just some idea floating around? The sad reality is that no matter where you go or what you do or what ethnicity you are or what religion you practice, there is no real safe place, there is no where you can be safe to be who you are.

It’s time to stop the pattern. Violence will not change anything. Violence won’t bring back those we have lost, and it certainly won’t help bring this country back together again. Maybe we need a new movement, one that doesn’t encourage violence but one that brings great minds together. For it is better to not to fight with your fists or weapons but to fight with your knowledge. Knowledge is the only true power.

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